Hiring Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a Disc Jockey Company is not easy. Many companies will vary greatly in price and service offerings. Most people will look to hire a DJ Entertainment Company for their party based upon the cheapest price. Please make sure you ask these questions prior to hiring any DJ Service. We have also answered these questions for you based upon Harmony DJ’s experience and history.

What is your level of experience ? You would not want to hire a DJ who only does clubs or Sweet 16 parties to perform at your Wedding. In most cases they will not have the proper library of music or the professional techniques necessary to make your special day a success. Harmony DJ’s has been providing Disc Jockey Entertainment for Weddings, Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, Sweet 16’s, Communions, etc. for over 22 years. Our music variations and experience will give you peace of mind that your event will be handled with the utmost professionalism to assure great, memorable times.

What type of equipment do you use ? Believe it or not, many DJ companies will not have professional grade equipment suitable for large venues to provide top notch sound needed for your event. Harmony DJ’s uses only the top of the line pro equipment manufacturers such as Mackie, Peavy, Pioneer, Shure, Samson, Alesis, and American DJ to provide crisp highs, thumping lows, and streaming lights necessary to keep the sound and atmosphere alive and kicking throughout your entire event.

How will the DJ’s be dressed for our event ? The last thing you want is an entertainer who is not dressed for success. Harmony DJ’s will arrive at your event displaying the proper professionalism in their appearance. Weddings, Anniversaries, and all Classic Affairs require our DJ’s to be formally attired in black tuxedos. Depending on the theme for birthdays and holiday parties, your DJ will be dressed to conform to the party atmosphere (for example: Hawaiin Shirt and Khaki shorts for a Luau Themed party).


How extensive is your music library ? Harmony DJ's prides itself on our music diversity and knowledge and will always arrive at your event with music from all types of genres from the 1940’s right through up to todays current pop hits. Keeping up with todays current music trends is essential to fulfill your requests and the requests of your guests at your event.

Does your company provide performance contracts ? It is extremely important for an entertainment company to provide a written contract to assure a clients requested services and party specifics are fulfilled. A contract assures your DJ company will be there at a specific place at a specific time, and provide the professional services you have agreed upon. Harmony DJ’s is a firm believer in developing strong lasting relationships with our customers and standing behind them through contractual agreement. In general, our contracts specify Date, Time, Place, Price, & Equipment assuring our clients that their event will be given the attention and dedication it deserves.

Can you provide references ? It is recommended that you ask for references from previous clients to get their opinion of entertainment provided. It is also a good idea to make an appointment with the DJ company to meet them in person and feel confident that they are the right fit for your party. Most DJ's have references in a form of a questionnaire they send to their clients after the party is finished, or a letter they receive from the clients. Harmony DJ’s is proud to display a few of our recent client responses on our testimonials page. Additional client references can also be provided by request.


Will the DJ be personable ? / Will the DJ interact with the crowd ? Every party is different. Some people want a DJ who is fun and has a lot of energy. Other event organizers just want someone to play music and not be vocal. This is something to consider before you speak to a DJ company. Always make it clear how interactive you wish the DJ to be. Harmony DJ’s will provide you with great entertainment with either choice. Our unique ability to read each crowd and blend in the proper music keep the dance floor alive. Getting to know people at your event and have some fun with them during the evening adds a great spice to many parties. Just let us know and we will entertain your crowd to the level of your choice.


What happens if your equipment fails ? / Do you have backup resources ? Always be sure that any entertainer you hire is prepared to go on with the show no matter what circumstances may develop along the way. Harmony DJ’s is always prepared in the event of equipment malfunction or failure. Our backup equipment will deliver the same intense sound as our primary system so your event will not come to a dead stop.


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